The Pegasus Crisis: All You Need To Know

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The NSO Group aka Q Cyber technologies markets Pegasus (Q Suite) as a world-leading cyber intelligence system.
Until early 2018, NSO Group clients relied on SMS and applications like WhatsApp communications to persuade targets to click on a malicious link, resulting in mobile device infection.
Recently the name was popped up again by various news websites.
These attacks were to be aimed at journalists, activists, and other democrats in India.
The survey reports claim that this spyware is used by over ten nations, including India.
In this article, we will discuss the Pegasus Crisis in detail.  



What Is The Pegasus?

Pegasus is a spyware program created by NSO Group, an Israeli firm, specialized in so-called cyber weapons.
The Pegasus spyware collects your data like phone calls or messages and sends it to the person spying on you.
Pegasus is in high demand because it can hack into iPads and iPhones, despite these Apple devices being marketed as the safest and most secure devices in terms of data protection.

How Does It Work?

The Pegasus software can get into your device and you’d have no idea about it.
It works by sending malicious links to your phones, and if you open them, you end up installing the Pegasus spyware on your device.
The majority of these URLs were sent as SMS or Whatsapp messages.
The spyware can be installed in your phone even with a missed call, which the software then deletes from the call log so that you will not be able to trace it. 

What Could Pegasus Do?

Pegasus malware

Pegasus is a kind of malware that is modular.
It installs the required modules to read your messages and mail, listen to calls, collect screenshots, log pressed keys, exfiltrate browsing history, contacts, and so on.
It can monitor every element of your life.
It is also worth noting that Pegasus can listen to encrypted audio transmissions.
Moreover, it can even turn on your phone’s camera and microphone to collect recordings.

Who Uses Pegasus? 

NSO does not reveal who purchases its software.
However, the company’s website claims that the Pegasus is used only by government intelligence and law enforcement organizations to combat crime and terror.
According to a Citizen Lab research published in 2018, Pegasus is used in almost 45 countries, including India, Bahrain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and so on.

Final Thoughts 

Should I worry about Pegasus? No. You do not have to worry unless you are a government target.
In terms of the classic Pegasus, it is no longer as helpful as it previously was.
The present excitement around it stems from its previous exploits rather than its current ones. 

Apple fixed the loophole when the spyware attacked iOS9.
Also, Google and WhatsApp patched the security holes when the attacks went public.
So, unless you feel a government or a strong organization has a motive to monitor you, you should not be concerned about Pegasus.

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