How To Save Images From AliExpress?

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After getting the perfect product to resell, the only thing left for you to do is to list it in your store and market it. But to do so, you need images of that product and there’s hardly a source that’s better than the product page itself.
AliExpress doesn’t allow its users to save the product images from their website. This might sound like a hurdle but there’s a solution to this and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss today.
Also, you can use title builder to optimize titles and product descriptions of the products on your store.

Benefits of Using Product Images from AliExpress

There are many benefits of using images from the seller itself. We have listed the most relevant ones below:

  • The hassle of buying and clicking images of the product is gone, making the expenses of listing a product ZERO
  • Even if you somehow manage to get access to the product, getting that perfect shot is next to impossible because you are competing with professional photographers who the sellers hire to get quality images of their products.

As a beginner, you should never bother about clicking the images yourself; your primary focus should be marketing and generating sales.

How To Download Images From AliExpress In One Click?

How To Download Images From AliExpress In One Click?

We will get our images with the help of a browser extension. An extension is a small tool that helps expand the features of your browser to make things easy for you.
There are mainly two extensions in the market which provide the best experience which are:

  • AliQuick
  • AliSave

The installation process is identical for both the extensions so follow the steps below to install your desired extension.
Go to the chrome web store and search for your desired extension. After opening the installation page, click on ‘add to chrome’ to install the extension. After Installing, go to the product whose images you want to download.

For AliQuick:

If you are using AliQuick, you will get options to download Main images, Variant images, Product Videos, and Description Content on the product page itself.
Choose what you want and click on the button. The download will start immediately.

For AliSave:

If you are using AliSave, you will see some downward arrows to download images, but we do not recommend these as it will not download all the pictures in one click.
We suggest you use the extension page to get the images. To do that, go to the top right corner of your browser and click the AliSave logo there.
The extension page will open, offering similar features as discussed above. Choose what you need and click it to download the images in one click. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, if you are a beginner in Dropshipping, our suggestion would be to use the images present on the product page itself in your listing as it will make the reselling cost ZERO, maximizing your profit.
We have given you two alternatives. Both of them will get the work done, but our pick will be AliQuick, as it makes it very easy for you to get the images by integrating the options on the product page itself.