DHgate Dropshipping: A Comprehensive Guide

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Manual dropshipping is dependent on getting a supplier who has a ready inventory.
A manual dropshipper just represents those products and overlooks the shipment process.
DHgate is a Chinese supplier founded in the year 2004 with a B2B structure.
It is both easy to use and comprehend.

Dhgate Dropshipping
Once you register for DHgate dropshipping, you acquire the products of your chosen niche from the supplier and list them.

How Does It Work?

Dhgate is extremely simple to use. Here are the steps involved in DHgate Dropshipping:

  • Step number one is to create an account as a seller on DHgate. Once you get yourself registered, you unlock several features which will make dropshipping a lot more automatic and simple.
  • Step number two is to browse through the product catalogs and select what you want to add to your list.
  • After you’ve finished listing the products, you wait for a customer to place an order.
  • Once a customer requests a product, you order the same product from DHgate and keep a tab on the shipment process.

Advantages Of Using DHgate

There are several pros of using DHgate, some of which are:

1. Huge Variety of Products:

DHgate has products catering to every niche.
Hence, there is something for every dropshipper. But what it’s most well-known for is its humongous range of fashion and electronic products that are unique to DHgate.
Original Equipment Manufacturer products are also available on the platform.

2. Great Profit Margins: 

The prices listed on DHgate are lower when compared to other suppliers. Furthermore, one can avail of even more discounted rates through the coupon center tab.

3. Secure Payment Facilities:

There are a plethora of payment options which include ePayments, debit cards, credit cards, and the like. DHgate’s own payment method called DHpay is also a secure way of conducting monetary transactions.
This is because the payment via DHpay is not made to the sellers until the product has reached its destination.

4. Shipment Facilities:

Depending on the product and convenience of the customer, there are two modes of shipment–Free shipping and Paid courier service.

Disadvantages Of Using DHgate

1. Unclear Refund Policy: 

DHgate ensures full refund to customers in case of a product’s return. However, the terms and conditions of the return policy are not quite clear which results in trust issues.

2. Delay In Shipment:

DHgate covers over 230 countries across the globe hence the time taken to ship a product is around 15 to 40 days. However, this is not always the case.

3. Unsatisfactory Grievance Redressal System: 

DHgate has an automated messaging system that works 24×7 with a U.S.-registered toll-free number.
Although the customer care system may seem to be top-notch, it takes a lot of time for them in actuality to cater to the grievances of their customers and get back with a solution.

Final Thoughts

Overall, DHgate dropshipping supplier is a viable pick if you want to scale your dropshipping business.
DHgate keeps updating its services and products list.
It has also received great reviews from its clients and its popularity continues to grow with every added country.