Best Title Building Tools

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If you are a seller on eBay, you must know about the relevance of choosing the right keywords. They are a crucial component of your eBay item title.
However, getting the right keyword for your eBay item title can be a pretty time-consuming and cumbersome job, isn’t it?

This post is going to provide you a descriptive overview of some of the best title-building tools. The efficiency exhibited by these title-building tools has stood the test of time.
They can surely serve you in your prime interests.

Top 5 Title Building Tools

There are numerous tools out there claiming to be the best in the business.
However, our research-backed approach has spilled five of the best title-building tools that you should definitely check out.

1.eBay Pulse

eBay Pulse is a unique tool that shows you the top 10 most-searched keywords in every eBay category and sub-category (up to 3 category levels). With all the data provided by eBay Pulse, the sellers can get an idea about their potential customer’s eBay searches.
This further allows them to build better titles. It also gives them an overview of the product trends in each category of eBay. Moreover, this dropshipping tool is absolutely free to use.

2. Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is a free tool from Google. It makes use of Google’s database for searches from around the world.
For every single keyword, it exhibits its three prime aspects. They are:

  • Search volume over time
  • Geographic interest
  • Related keywords for each search query

Google Insights for Search can also aid the sellers in deciding the right time to sell their products. Along with that, it also tells them about where they can find their customers as well as what other keywords are being used by potential customers.
You can expect to see numerous keywords in many languages.

3. Title Builder

Title Builder is a free tool that helps online sellers get the most searched keywords in a short span of time. Its most unique feature is that it creates a full item title within a matter of seconds.
The title created by it is based on the most-searched keywords in each category and sub-category of eBay.

Title-Builder comes up with a very user-friendly interface. It shows accurate and up-to-date results and that too in almost any language including English, Italian, French, etc.

4. Fire Title

Fire Title is one of the best free title builders for eBay. With its search engine optimization feature, you can rank your listings above your competitors. With Fire Title, generating trendy keywords becomes pretty simple.

Fire Title is known for its fast keyword research.
With just a click, you get a complete list of optimized keywords. By using those keywords, you tend to increase the visibility of your listings.
This further translates into more sales. Fire Title is one of the most simple and efficient tools used for title building on eBay.

5. eBay Labs: Catman

eBay Labs is basically a collection of free tools and other prototypes from eBay. It provides the sellers with detailed information about the search trends on

Catman can be considered to be an extension of the eBay Pulse. Catman presents before you the 100 most searched keywords that relate to each category of
It also throws light on keyword trends along with the top bidding items and top sellers in each category of eBay.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above-mentioned title-building tools have made it easier for you to create lustrous and inviting titles and product descriptions for your listings.
You can choose any of them as per your preference. Thanks to proper keyword research, these tools are capable of taking your eBay store to newer heights.