5 eBay Selling Secrets to Know in 2021

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eBay is a multibillion-dollar corporation founded by Pierre Omidyar in San Francisco, California, USA. It is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers with buyers from all over the world. It has been in operation for approximately 26 years, beginning in 1995 and continuing up until this day.

With its notable success, millions of people globally are interested in selling or buying items on eBay. It became famous and already has a lot of successful sellers with its 26 years online.

You’re probably interested in trying to sell on eBay, or you’re already a seller who wants to learn more about the secrets to selling successfully on eBay. So, here are the five eBay selling secrets you must know in 2021.

5 eBay Selling Secrets in 2021

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1. You Can Sell Without Having Inventory

Yes, that is right. eBay is not only limited to sellers who are manufacturers, retailers, and owners of products. It doesn’t prohibit anyone to sell on eBay as a dropshipper. Compared to dropshippers, manufacturers produce their products, have them in their warehouse and ship them directly to customers.

As a dropshipper, you will only have to purchase items from the suppliers in the third-party marketplace such as AliExpress and Alibaba and list them on eBay.

When you get a customer, all you need to do is to send the information to the suppliers. They will be the ones who will process everything and ship the items directly to the customers. You are selling without having any stockpiles at home. It is also safer because you won’t have to worry about your items rotting, being damaged, weakening, or deteriorating as a result of being stocked for an extended time.

Dropshipping is a type of retail arbitrage, and there are already many successful dropshippers on eBay. If you want to learn more about how it works, go to KalDrop. It is a great dropshipping tool with so many features that can help you in your eBay dropshipping journey.

2. You Can Remove Negative Reviews on eBay

It is not illegal, and it is better to spend time removing those negative reviews if you want to keep your high feedback score. You can’t always get a perfect rating every time you deliver an item to a customer, especially since there are unintentional instances when you send the wrong item.

Customers can still give you a negative review even if you believe it was an accident and admit that you became careless about delivering the wrong item. Whatever their reason, even if it’s the delivery time, which you can’t control. They will still blame you and leave negative reviews.

There are two ways to maintain your high feedback rating on eBay, either you will remove the negative ones or do things to please your customer like offering a refund so they will change their review on your store. Maintaining a high rating on eBay increases the likelihood of your store receiving more sales and visibility.

3. A Well-Optimized Title and Product Description are Essential for Increased Visibility and Sales

When you think you can write anything on eBay and still sell it, you’re mistaken. Make sure that your listing is optimized at all times. It’s one of the reasons why successful sellers keep getting customers because they make quality listings by optimizing everything.

When writing your title, make sure to use all of the available characters. Use all relevant keywords, such as your item’s specifics, category, name, and so on. Make the most of your space available. It is preferable to have several words in your title rather than one or three.

Your product description, like the title, must be optimized. Never be too lazy when writing your product description because the algorithm does not favor short product descriptions. You are given all that blank space to write everything about your product. Don’t squander it. It’s a hack for improving your product’s SEO.

So, consider including as much information about your item as possible in the product description. It increases the likelihood of your items appearing on eBay.

By the way, if you’re planning to use another seller’s product descriptions, stop right there. eBay doesn’t allow that and you might get suspended because of that. Additionally, don’t use keywords that are unrelated to your product just because it’s popular. It is an infringement to use any clickbait on eBay.

4. High Ratings on eBay Equates to High Opportunities

That is why it’s crucial to aim for a high eBay rating as it can provide sellers numerous benefits. When your rating is high, eBay will more likely place you higher on search results. It means you can rank higher among other sellers, which is an advantage to boost sales.

Your “Top Rated Plus” badge will also appear in both the search results and the product description, which may be appealing to buyers. They will more likely be confident buying from you since you’re top-rated on eBay.

Finally, you can benefit from lower eBay fees. The final value fees might be discounted by 10%, although not including the shipment cost. Not only will having a high eBay feedback score increase your visibility and sales, but it will also increase your profit margins.

So, always strive for positive feedback reviews by prioritizing your customers, assuming that they are always correct, and engaging with them.

5. Add New Items Regularly

Zik Anayltics

Are you guilty of listing all of your items at once and then not selling anything the next day, believing that this would work? No, it does not. The algorithm prefers sellers who list items daily. When you do this, your potential customers will see new items from you every day, increasing your visibility on eBay and bringing attention to your other products.

Although it is not a requirement, you should give it a shot to increase your sales. Selling every day is always preferable to selling all at once.

Now that you know these secrets might as well learn how to start your own business in eBay with ZikAnalytics eBay seller’s guide.